Monday, February 21, 2011

6'7 Remix and Cameo Appearance

Not really recent but just got my time to post this video LOL. I gotta say I love this version better than the original. Sorry, Lil Wayne! Actually I heard the original song right after Jay said he'll cover this song haha sorry again, Lil Wayne! This is a lyrical miracle so please don't take offense when he spits at chu haha

Part 1 - 입술자국(Lip Stains)

Part 2 - 너 말이야 (Hey you)

These music videos are 5dolls(Co-Ed subunit) debut singles. They featured Jay in the music video(MV). Freaking love that MV and Jay can really act! and I started to like 5dolls ^.^ A story between a girlfriend and an ill friend. Enjoy the MVs~

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