Monday, February 21, 2011

6'7 Remix and Cameo Appearance

Not really recent but just got my time to post this video LOL. I gotta say I love this version better than the original. Sorry, Lil Wayne! Actually I heard the original song right after Jay said he'll cover this song haha sorry again, Lil Wayne! This is a lyrical miracle so please don't take offense when he spits at chu haha

Part 1 - 입술자국(Lip Stains)

Part 2 - 너 말이야 (Hey you)

These music videos are 5dolls(Co-Ed subunit) debut singles. They featured Jay in the music video(MV). Freaking love that MV and Jay can really act! and I started to like 5dolls ^.^ A story between a girlfriend and an ill friend. Enjoy the MVs~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jay Park Malaysia Fan Meeting 4 December 2010

This was a month ago, but i was so lazy to post on here.keke>.< we had so much fun at the FM. All i could say is Jay and AOM's performance were DAEBAK^^ and we will definitely go if he ever come again.


at Hi5 session (5 Dec 2010)

Jay Park - Nothin

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jay Park Fan Meet

Finally Jay's coming to Malaysia! Dila and I were so excited watching the video he just uploaded XD asdfghjkldfghjkfg so damn cute~~ We are so going to the FM! Thanks to our Jwalker friend on Twitter, we bought the VIP tickets. Going to meet her and other Malaysian Jwalkers for the first time soon~ Because of the expensive ticket price, we couldn't afford any cool gifts for Jay, so we made one ourselves^^;; Will post the picture when it's finished. Shout outs to Talisa Thurayya ( @SyaaPark on Twitter) for helping us buying the tickets. Muchas gracias. 진심으로 너무 감사해요^^

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eid Mubarak!~~~ ^___^

As usual my house held an 'open house' on the third day of Eid. Relatives, neighbors and friends were invited. It was fun but kinda tiring^^ Menu for that day were nasi dagang, rojak betik, mee hoon, pudding, chicken roll and of course biskut raya!

chocolate cake!<3<3<3

preparing the drink...

Cua and Mira





Thursday, September 2, 2010


On July 24, I have received a delivery from my Korean e-Pal, Park Ha Young. She knows I'm dying to have my hands on Jay Park's EP but it's really hard to find from local stores. So she generously bought one and posted it to me. Along with it, she gave some other stuff like 2pm posters, Jay Park's phone strap, stickers, cards, name tag, small photos and socks.


A letter, socks, stickers, cards, name tag, small photos and EP

Phone strap (I'm using it now)

From left: stickers, cards, name tag and small photos

Stickers, cards and the small photos were given by her little sister, Ha Yoon. In the letter, Ha Young said she didn't know much about Malaysia. In return, Dila and me decided to find something related to our state, Terengganu. All of these were bought at Pasar Kedai Payang. So here they are....

Tees, keropok sira, turtles and a letter

1 for Ha Young and 1 for Ha Yoon (bought by Dila)

Keropok sira

I wrapped it nicely in a box and took it to the post office. After being weighed and all, the operator told me how much it cost to be posted to South Korea. Gah! It's near RM50. I only have something in cents for the balance. It was so expensive T_T